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Are you looking for high quality keywords for your marketing ventures?  Just do a search below to START your research.


Below are some of the most vital metrics when searching for quality keywords:

  • (1) Average Monthly Searches –The average number of searches the keyword receives per month, is the total search traffic for that keyword on Google, Bing and Yahoo combined, a minimum of 50 searches per month is  recommended, if you aim to write articles using that keyword.  When your keyword is ranked, your traffic will progressively rise with time.
  • (2) KQI (Keyword Quality Index) – This gives you an instant indication of keyword quality for any marketing endeavour whether it be Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimisation etc…  Having a fast way to determine keyword quality helps you perform effective research.

(3) QSR (Quoted Search Results) – This is a state-of-the-art competition metric that quickly gathers information from Google, Bing and Yahoo then tells you the exact number of competing pages that have the EXACT search term.  Best aim for no more than 300, between 100 -200 if you are just starting out.  There are millions of keywords out there as it will become evident as you use this tool that gives you all this data.

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(4) SEO Power – This score ranging from 0 to 100, this is the percentage  measure that indicates if your keyword is good for Search Engine Optimisation, and what the ranking probability for that specific keyword would be , if you get a decent amount of visitors. The higher this number the better, aim for more than 80 as that is really good.   Remember if you get rankings, you can earn money online, it is that simple!  Your ranking is based on the nature of your keyword, the quality of that keyword, traffic and competition.

This is the basis of effective Keyword Research.


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