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Does Collaboration and Co-creation apply to Affiliate Marketing?

Collaboration and Co-creation is key in life, as well as in business, as we learn from those who have gone before us and those that are still on this journey with us.   Affiliate Marketing is the business of helping people find what they want by sorting out through the information, and  testing products, thereby,  bringing clarity and highlighting value for your audience.

He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye.    –  Buddha

collaboration towards-your-financial-freedom-online/

It is an innate desire of every human being to want to feel that they belong. People measure their value in life and use this as a coping mechanism when faced with difficulties. We all love to know and feel that we are not alone. This is not surprising that we have this built in us because as Spirit Beings we are part of a collective that is inseparable yet can seem separate in this dimension where polarity exists. Is this desire for a sense of belonging then some form of reminder that we are part of something bigger? This is an article Collective Identity on Wikipedia that attempts to make sense of this.

The reality of life is that there is only One. Can you imagine what life would be like if you were all alone with not a soul around, no animals, no trees, absolutely nothing! Would you know you exist? Would you know what you looked like? How tall, short and all those colourful things? Well, that's exactly how it was in the beginning. You and I were all wrapped up in the Substance of Prime Creator, nothing existed besides this “nothingness” or “Totality” if you like… The knowing of this Nothingness/totality decided to replicate and scatter itself far afield in order to get to experientially know itself in all its different aspects.

So, the ego was born, the I for each individual aspect. In the world of up/down, long/short, more/less, good/bad etc, etc… There are so many fireworks and Prime Creator trusted that all these aspects of itself will find their way back home to itself and so the journey of humanity began. This is my version in a nutshell, of how I see the story of God and the Sons of God and the journey back to Divinity. I respect every version of the story as told by every aspect of the Creator and I'm so grateful that there are so many ways of looking at the same thing.

In each one of our hearts Prime Creator put a seed of the essence of itself to remind us of the way back home when we have fully explored and experienced our being as individuals. The one thing we all have is this longing to belong – this is a sense that grows and grows, you can have the largest circle of friends and still feel like you do not really belong… The only time we truly feel totally loved, supported and safe is in the arms of God in total surrender to being one with All/nothing. We are a collective, we are One!

So, what is the practical application to business here?collaboration-towards-financial-freedom-online/

There is a quote, I believe, by Stuart Wilde that goes something like this: The way money works is very simple: you have some, and everyone else has all the rest.

The above quote is the perfect example of what affiliate marketing is about, the share of content, materials and profits. It is my experience that the realisation and awareness that you belong to the collective puts you in the position to be open to your wealth because you basically have access to all the money in the world as long as you are open and willing to co-create and collaborate with all aspects of yourself without the barriers of judgements.  You understand that you meet only yourself and in all your doing you give your best because you are giving to yourself and the money you receive is from yourself, as your customers are aspects of yourself.  Now you see where it all ties in with my post about your four Superpowers…?

I had a dream – Do you ever dream?

collaboration towards-financial-freedom-online/Dreams are those ideas or messages that we are not willing to receive in waking hours for whatever reasons… So, I dreamt one night that I was having fun walking with an Angel, its energy was so familiar I was just skipping about and going up mountains, valleys and gorges… We were chatting and having a blast when suddenly we came in front of a very wide raging river, the angel simply stepped across very effortlessly and, in an instant, there was the raging river between us… I mean, we’d been hop-scotching other rivers and ravines but this time I couldn’t see myself just gingerly stepping over, it seemed this one was too wide…

The Importance of Making the Choice:

I hesitated; the angel waited for me without a word, whilst I scanned my options within me. Was I willing to be on the other side with my friend? Absolutely! As soon as I decided within myself that I was going to be on the other side, I looked up and saw bridge a short distance upstream and immediately without walking to the bridge I realised that I was already on the other side… I received the download: When you make the choice, all forces orchestrate everything on your behalf. When you are faced with any situation, know that it’s already happened, and you just must step up and play it out. There is always a higher aspect of you that has already walked through what you are going through. You see the Angel I was walking with was me – a higher vibratory aspect of me, remember I said its energy was very familiar…? I was my Higher Self coaching me. Look within, choose and be open to whatever way shows up. You see when I saw the bridge, I thought that was my way over, but my Angel wanted me to know that I could also do it a different way that was effortless…

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