Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.  What is Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool? Jaaxy Keyword Research Suite is like a SEO Library

There are many free and paid tools that can be used to do keyword research, however, I have found most of them requiring some external verification by using other sources to check the accuracy or to confirm the validity of the results.
If you were to use Google Keyword Planner, as an example, which is not really appropriate, as it is designed to cater for
Google Adwords advertising, so it does not give insight into Niche content.


And Then There is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy Keyword Suite

Jaaxy is an advanced Affiliate Market industry’s only keyword research platform that was developed specifically for Affiliate Marketers by Affiliate Marketers.  It is the most advanced user-friendly platform in the world that has built-in keyword and completion research to make your efforts minimal. Jaaxy manages all aspects of keyword, competition, market, website research all in one click of the mouse.

Jaaxy collects comprehensive data from Google, Bing and Yahoo and outlines it in a very easy to understand way.  You will be able to see:

Jaaxy Keyword Research Suite

As stated in the above picture of the Jaaxy Menu, you have access to the following tools within Jaaxy:

      • Site Ranking
        information; awesome to see how well your site or posts are ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can even use this to check how your competition is doing.
      • My Lists:   You can compile your keywords into lists to better organize them by topic or niche. Select by check marking the ones that look great on your search results and save them to a keyword list. You can also refine your search analysis and examine how good your keywords really are as far as potential traffic and competition are concerned.
        Export your keyword lists in.CSV or.TXT into your favourite spreadsheet application for use on and offline.
        You can rename your Saved Lists anytime  or reorganise them, by selecting  some of the keywords to  save them  in a different (perhaps more targeted) list
      • Search Analysis: See which sites or pages are listed on the top 10 positions of Google, Bing or Yahoo.  Excellent to check in on your competition’s sites.  You’ll be able to see:
          • how many words are written on pages
          • number of back-links to those sites
          • the titles, URLs, meta descriptions and meta keywords
          • outbound links
          • Google Pagerank
          • Alexa ranking
          • Google AdSense uses
    • Alphabet Soup: is a feature in Jaaxy that takes advantage of Google  by adding each letter of the alphabet to your keyword or  key-phrase  to see results based on actual searches people are doing to give you even more long-tail keyword ideas
    • Brainstorm: This feature helps you to overcome writer’s block and times when you have no inspiration on niche ideas. This feature picks the latest trends from Google Trends, Yahoo, Buzz, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers and Twitter Trends to give you inspiration on topics of interest.
    • Affiliate Programs: This is a great feature once you have found your keywords, you can search to see if there’s money to be made in that niche. This tool finds affiliate programs and products for you to promote and earn money from

Great Keyword is where the money is.

What will Jaaxy do for you?

  • Jaaxy will reveal unexploited high traffic niches
  • Help you find low competition keywords that make it easy to get instant rankings
  • Can be used to see how competitive a keyword is
  • Check how much traffic you can expect if you choose a particular keyword and rank for it
  • Brainstorm for new niche and keyword ideas
  • Create to-do lists for your projects
  • Finding keyword metrics that will help you boost your SEO
  • Use it to save your keyword lists and keep them organized by topic or degree of importance
  • Helps you decide whether you should go into a particular niche or not
  • Great for searching and buying new domain names and reselling them
  • Keeps you updated on what’s trending and popular on the web
  • Jaaxy helps you take advantage of Google’s Instant Alphabet Soup technique automatically
  • Helps you discover affiliate programs for your niche and keywords
  • Aids research for the profitability of your chosen niche
  • Track the ranking of your site and posts.

Inside Jaaxy Keyword Suite

Shown above is the easy to use Jaaxy platform on which you can perform your keyword research. At the top you see the main menu of the platform as I have explained in detail above as well as the following features that I have not yet mentioned:

Additional Jaaxy Features
  • Saved Lists: You can access your saved keywords lists by clicking on “Saved Lists”
  • Search History: “Click on Search History” to remember your previous keyword searches even if you have not saved the keywords to your saved lists
  • Related Keywords: Jaaxy  will suggest closely related keywords or key-phrases to help you to delve into your keyword search
  • Avg. This is the average number of searches the keyword receives per month. This is the total search traffic for that keyword on Google, Bing and Yahoo combined, a minimum of 50 searches per month is  recommended, if you aim to write articles using that keyword
  • Traffic: this is estimated monthly traffic you’ll get if your site ranks on Google’s first page results. This is the lowest traffic estimate for those ranks, more traffic may be possible.
  •  QSR “Quoted Search Results”: shows the number of pages on Google that are competing for the same keyword or key-phrase.  Jaaxy has a state-of-the-art algorithm to determine precise keyword competition within search engines to give you a reliable number, the lower this number is the better.  As a Beginner Affiliate, it is wise to sort your keywords by the level of opportunity, in this case, any keyword with a QSR less than 100. Is very good, 200 is pretty good, 300 is good and anything above 300 would be harder to rank.
  • KQI “Keyword Quality Indicator”: this shows you the level of quality the keyword holds. Green indicator is GreatAmber indicator is Good and Red indicator is Poor
  • SEO Power: A score ranging from 0 to 100, this is the percentage measure that indicates if your keyword is good for SEO and what the probability of ranking for that specific keyword would be if you get a decent amount of visitors. The higher this number the better, aim for more than 80  as that is really good
  • Domain Search: checks and tells you if there are exact-match domain names for 8 different Top Level Domains [TLDs]  or domain extensions  available for your chosen keyword

 Why Jaaxy?

I have come across many online marketing training courses where you are told to do research for your keywords using Google Keyword Planner because it’s a free tool.  However, Google Keyword Planner is only useful to Google Adwords advertisers as the competition shown in Google Keyword Planner’s competition column is the amount of competition between Google Adwords and not site competition for a specific Keyword.

Jaaxy is the one tool to my knowledge that gathers and presents your Niche related Data in a comprehensive manner suitable for Affiliates and Online Niche Marketers.  It is a tool that really gives a host of information while leveraging your research time and effort.

Jaaxy is an online keyword research tool or you could call it, the tool to help you find your niche that will reduce your keyword research efforts down to a bare minimum.

Whether you’re starting out on a brand new Niche Website or trying to write the next popular article for your blog, Jaaxy can be of great help. Jaaxy collects search data from the three major engines — Google, Bing and Yahoo — and displays it in a simplified manner.

Unlike Google Keyword Planner which is a tool designed for AdWords advertisers, Jaaxy presents the gathered search data in a more suitable fashion for people with Online Niche endeavours, individuals like you and me.  Jaaxy helps you to write about information that is readable and relevant to people; not information only aimed at the configuration of Google and other Search Engine Robotics, as you and I know, it is ultimately the people who have the spending power.

Jaaxy Is Not

Jaaxy is Not a Magic Button

Jaaxy is not an automatic tool that will do all the work for you and spit out Keywords and ideas at you, however, it is a tool that makes it easy to do your research in a fun, accurate and effective way.

Who is Jaaxy For?

Jaaxy is great for anyone looking for the following:

  • low competition keywords that make it easy to get rankings
  • learn how competitive a keyword is
  • reveal unexploited high traffic niches
  • know if you can rank for a particular keyword and how much traffic you can expect
  • brainstorm new niche and keyword ideas
  • build to-do lists for your projects
  • view keyword metrics that will help boost your SEO  strategy
  • save  your keyword lists and organise them by topic
  • help to decide whether to work with a particular niche or not
  • search and buy new domain names and resell them later
  • find out what’s trending and popular on the web right now
  • take advantage of Google’s Instant Alphabet Soup technique
  • discover affiliate programs for your niche and keywords
  • find out if there’s money to be made in a particular niche
  • see your site and posts rankings.

All the above and much more can be experienced using the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. Try Jaaxy Right Here Below:


  • Jaaxy comes with great training materials
  • There’s a fast and reliable support
  • Jaaxy is easy  to use, there is basically no learning curve on how to use it
  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Precise data without useless distractions
  • It is a very fast tool
  • Very accurate data
  • You can Access it on any type of computer as it is an online-based  Application
  • Jaaxy is mobile friendly, therefore can be accessed on any device such as your Tablet or Smartphone
  • You can use Jaaxy to find good keywords to use on your online advertising campaigns even if you want to advertise on any advertising platform including Google Adwords
  • Useful to all levels of internet marketers and domain flippers
  • No need to download or install any software
  • Updates and upgrades are done automatically, so. you always have the latest most stable version
  • Fantastic for finding high traffic keywords with low competition
  • Draw  data directly from Google, Bing and Yahoo combined with Jaaxy’s own proprietary data

Are there Any Jaaxy Cons?

Absolutely, Jaaxy like any other tool has room for refinement, that is why the  Jaaxy team is always introducing new features and consistently making improvements to the existing ones.  Another great thing about Jaaxy is that the creators of this Amazing tool are also Affiliate Marketers who are successful using the tool for their own business.

Here are a few of Jaaxy’s cons:

  • There are no language options for the search
  • Jaaxy has so many features that you may not always use them all, there may even be features you just never use.
  • No geographic selection  which could be handy sometimes
  • The upgrade price may seem expensive for an Online Marketer who is just starting out but still very cost effective when compared to other tools on the market that are not even half as good.

Jaaxy equals Increased Revenue


Jaaxy Is For You If You Are:

  • An Affiliate Marketer
  • Email marketer  who wants to find hot topics for discussion with your subscribers
  • A Niche Marketer or Blogger
  •  You flip Domains
  • An Article Marketer or Writer
  • Freelance Writer
  • Viral-news website owner looking for new trends to leverage
  • An Internet marketer who wants  to know the ranking of  your sites and posts
  • Professional Blogger
  • You build sites for Resell
  • Online / Pay Per Click Advertiser
  • YouTube Marketer
  • SEO Company
  • You are looking  to ‘spy’ on your competition on the Search Engine Results Pages [SERPs]
  • Local Marketer or business

Jaaxy is a great tool for all online businesses of all levels and expertise.

Who Created Jaaxy?

Jaaxy was created by Kyle and Carson who are the same guys who created the Wealthy Affiliate University Platform; Both Kyle and Carson are still actively involved within the Community.

They have used their expansive experience in internet marketing and online businesses to create a powerful, easy to use and quality-driven tool. They themselves use Jaaxy as the only keyword research tool to drive free organic traffic to their own blogs and websites.

Jaaxy Support and Training

There is a very responsive team to answer your queries in a very effective and timely manner

There are easy to follow step by step training videos created to run you through the platform.

 How Much Does Jaaxy Cost

You can start using Jaaxy for FREE with limited features or you could opt for one of the two paid pricing plans on Jaaxy.

Here is a break-down of the different plans:

Free Plan (Price: $0)

This is a great opportunity for you to test what Jaaxy is, how it works, and to see for yourself if it is a tool you could benefit from and be willing to pay a monthly fee for.

This is what you get:

30 Keyword Searches
20 Search Results
Website Analyzer
Affiliate Program Finder
Keyword List Manager
Brainstorm Idea Feed
Keyword Competition Data
1x Speed
Affiliate Program
30 SiteRank Analysis Scans




Pro Plan (Price: $49/month)

The Pro plan has everything you need to start your keyword research quest.

It was designed for people new to internet marketing, but I think more experienced internet marketers can also benefit from this plan (as long as they aren’t working on tons of sites at the same time — see the Enterprise plan for that need).

For $49 a month you’ll get:

  • 30 Keyword Searches
  •  20 Search Results
  •  Website Analyzer
  •  Affiliate Program Finder
  •  Keyword List Manager
  •  Brainstorm Idea Feed
  •  Keyword Competition Data
  •  3x Speed
  •  Affiliate Program
  • Sortable Search Results
  •  Unlimited Search History
  •  Search Analysis
  •  Manual QSR Search
  •  Manual Domain Search
  •  Alphabet Soup (15/letter)
  •  2x Multi-Threaded Search
  •  2K SiteRank Analysis Scans.



Enterprise Plan (Price: $99/month)

For the more advanced Internet Marketers who need to compile enormous lists of keywords for their own or customers’ blogs and websites, the Enterprise Plan which has a myriad of extensive features.

It includes the Pro plan features and even more including:


Website Analyzer

Affiliate Program Finder

Keyword List Manager

Brainstorm Idea Feed

Keyword Competition Data

Affiliate Program

Sortable Search Results

Unlimited Search History

Search Analysis

35 Search Results

5x Speed

Automated QSR

Automated Domain Search

Alphabet Soup (50/letter)

5x Multi-Threaded Search

Unlimited Keyword Lists

10K SiteRank Analysis Scans



Check the comparison chart below to better understand the different Jaaxy pricing plans.



My Personal Experience of Jaaxy

Jaaxy is an amazing tool to brainstorm ideas I can write about that are related to my niche, therefore, I find myself getting lots of topic inspiration when using Jaaxy.  My partner who was never keen on blogging, sat one-day running keyword searches and getting very enthused by the moment as ideas started flowing on the things he could blog about as he could see immediately if the keyword would rank on the search engines and if it was available as a domain name.  He has become an enthusiastic blogger, thanks to Jaaxy.

So I could never think of a much easier, more fun and more comprehensive tool than Jaaxy which is very affordable really no matter what level of expertise you are.  I can only say “Thanks to Jaaxy my task is made easier and fun.”

An excellent, comprehensive and cost-effective Keyword Tool is the most prized asset for an Online Marketer as we all know keywords are what keep the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo active. The whole industry of Search Engine

The optimisation would also be non-existent without the almighty keyword, so it goes without saying that choosing an effective, extensive Keyword Research Tool is of great importance.

Keywords are what determine traffic; you could even say that keywords control the amount of traffic to a website. So targeting the right keywords for your niche are very important to your business.

Without thorough research on keywords, your hard work would be in vain even if you had great content, great products and the best-looking website, still, your site would not be found by the billions of potential visitors.

Your Thoughts!

Please share with me your thoughts about my Review of Jaaxy!

  • Have you used Jaaxy or any other Keyword Research Tool?
  • Would you Give Jaaxy a try?
  • Please ask questions and write your comments below, I look forward to hearing your personal stories on Keyword Tools you use

Thank you so much for reading my Jaaxy Review

jaaxy keyword research tool

Jaaxy Keyword Research Suite




Customer Support


Research Speed


Product Efficiency


Ease of Use


Product Satisfaction



  • User Friendly interface
  • Great Product Training
  • Fast and Reliable Support
  • Fast and Efficient Tool
  • Accurate Data
  • Precise data without useless distractions
  • Web-based Application
  • Mobile Friendly Application
  • Draws Data Directly from Search Engines
  • Upgrades and updates automatically


  • No Language options for searches
  • No Geographic Selection
  • Too many features even that some features may never get used often
  • Some beginners may find Premium price a little pricey
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