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What is Engagermate and what does it do? — 6 Comments

  1. Great information for anyone that is as you said experienced in marketing. Even if you don’t have too much experience, reading this would make you consider purchasing it because of all the benefits it provides. I personally have just started using Instagram so I need to learn more probably. As stated though, this would be great for anyone with experience. I may consider it later on at some point.

    • Thanks for your comment Justin. Yes, EngagerMate is definitely useful when you have your systems streamlined and in place because you can easily maximise and exponentially grow your business and effectively maintain your relationship with your customers as well.

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    KIMBERLEIGH! I like this Article and wish to learn more about Social Media daily,basically since I know very little about it!!!
    Thanks for this post!

  3. Hi Kimberleigh,

    Great post on what is engagermate. I had never heard of it. Great explaination. Covered the concept of the app really well. having an app that checks your followers and sees if they unfollow you is great.

    That is a big bug bare of mine, people who follow you so you follow back, then they unfollow you! Annoys me haha!

    I will definitely check this out. Thanks again,


    • Hi Kev, thanks for your comment. It certainly is annoying when people change their minds about who they follow… Engagermate spares you that annoyance as it manages it so effectively and keeps working even when you are asleep.

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