Is Wealthy Affiliate a Legitimate Way to Make Money Online?

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Legitimate way to make money online?

Nowadays, it is difficult to distinguish what is a legitimate way to make money online and what is not.  In this review, I will clearly discuss the markings of a legitimate way to make money online and those of the opposite known as a scam.

What is a Scam?

A scam is any fraudulent business or scheme that takes money, goods or effort from an unsuspecting person, without any return in value or profit for the person.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit

Well, before we can take a close look at Wealthy Affiliate, let us first look at the markings of some of the numerous scams I have come across:

  • A very well-made video of an actor presenting the product and they tell you how privileged you are as this information is only available to a Select number of people before the offer closes down.
  • High claims of income with very little or no effort on your part
  • Easy quick, “too good to be true” profit promises
  • Claims of everything being “Done for you”
Have Heard The “It's Not Your Fault!” Trick?
  • A play on Emotions with a sob story that tries to make the swindler sound like a “Slumdog Billionaire”
  • Flash rented Cars
  • Fake paychecks and Account Balances
  • Fake borrowed Planes and Buildings
  • Claims that all that you see has been accomplished, just by a click of a button
  • Just pay a ridiculous fee of $49.99 and all this will be within reach, right…?

So the presenter who is very good at reciting his scrip spends about 30 -60 minutes telling you about what you can earn and flashing at you all the “set” glitz and glam of the lavish lifestyle that you are now so privy to be allowed into when you press the button below… You think what the heck, the guy is good, he's got to be telling the truth, right? All these thoughts are running through your head as the guy keeps babbling on rehashing all the “trigger words” to keep you nice, emotional and connected to the “Slumdog billionaire” story he told you.

As soon as you click the link to make your purchase, you are immediately confronted with an Up-sell for an element that will boost your results for $199.99 and you are so sucked in by the very persuasive nice man, you click away now you are $249.98 deep and another up-sell shows up to take things to the next level and you are in luck because if you decide right now you get this for a discounted price of $1999.00! This sometimes goes on and on up to about 4 or 5 up-sells.

So you have parted with a lot of money here now and most often you get a software download to a program that is so useless and you never hear anything from the nice guy again. On top of it all, you get no support and no training on how to make the gizmo work. You find out the done for you part was a joke. Such are the workings of the online scams. I have been through it all until I learned to be discerning.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Legitimate Way to Make Money Online? 1

So what about Wealthy Affiliate then?

I first heard about Wealthy Affiliate about 10 years ago, the person who told me about it was a very successful online entrepreneur in Switzerland, they were not trying to recruit me so I didn't really take note of it and years later I met 2 more full-time online marketers who mentioned being part of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform designed for Affiliate Marketers of all levels from beginners to extremely successful Affiliate Marketers.

***Buckle up and let's dive right in… 

A Real Gem

While this may not be the only way to make money online, it sure is the most effective and stress- free way to earn an ongoing passive income.  Promote top Brands without paying a penny, or having any inventory, shipping, customer support or even being on Auto-ship, heck you don’t even have to go to weekly conferences or buy products in order to make a commission. 

You definitely don’t have to harass your friends and family to join unless of course they also want to learn how to make money as affiliate marketers.

[Look Here a Moment]

What would an extra £300 or $500 per week mean to you? What would it mean to your family? Would it add more time to spend with your family and friends? Would it improve your relationships?

It's not all about the money, it's about the freedom, time and financial freedom, it's about getting into that sweet spot where your Time, Energy, Relationships and Money are in maximised synchronicity.  It's about meeting your goals, dreams and desires.  Truly, what would that mean to you?

Dip your toes first, create your Wealthy Affiliate profile – No Payment required, you will NOT need to type in your Credit Card at all. Test-drive the system for 7 days to see if it is a fit for you or not.

If you decide within the first 7 days that you like what you are learning and applying, you will get 61% off, of your first month's membership fee which covers a plethora of tools and course material.

Here are just Some of the Benefits:

  • Solid state-of-the-art, step by step training by industry experts
  1. 70 lessons of very detailed training with step-by-step video walk-through.
  2. 50 Lessons of thorough training for the Online Entrepreneur Certification, also with video walk-through.
  3. You are held by the hand as you learn and build your website from scratch,  Choosing your Niche, and how to do research for your niche.
  • Phenomenal research tools
Jaaxy does the most comprehensive keyword research, site ranking and competition analysis in the whole Affiliate Marketing Industry.
See my in-depth Jaaxy Research Tool Review!
  • Tools to create your own profit ready websites

including SiteRubix with free SSL

Ultra powerful and secure hosting

Ultrafast loading websites

Proven strategies to attract loads of traffic

Create and Host up to 50 websites on Wealthy Affiliate Network

Create and Host up to 50 websites on Wealthy Affiliate Network

Opportunity to turn your own ideas into profits


  • Live Chat to ask questions and get Immediate Response


You can get into chat and ask questions at anytime day or night and a community member from all over the world will be there to assist and if you ever needed support there is always someone right there to offer support.

  • Supportive positive accountability Community
  • Weekly live Training
  • Monthly Plan at $49.00 – first month discounted at $19.00And the list goes on…

What are the Costs of all This?

Wealthy affiliate has two access levels, namely:

  1. Free Membership Plan – You can be a free member for as long as you like and still have access to your 10 lessons and 2 SiteRubix websites that you get to build and host on the platform without paying a penny. You get a taster of some of the premium benefits in your first 7 days. If you choose to upgrade within the first 7 days your first month's Premium fee is $19.00 The free plan gives you a whole lot more than any other training platform I know.  Create a FREE  Account Here!
  2. Premium Membership Plan
    • 6-Months Plan at $234
    • Yearly Plan at $359

The above plans include all the benefits listed above and more. You will never be persuaded to pay or buy anything. You learn and develop at the pace that suits you, yet one thing for sure you will become an expert if you apply yourself to the training materials and do the practical exercises.

Watch this walk-through video to see the inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform:

So In My Very Honest Opinion:

Wealthy Affiliate is without a doubt a legitimate platform Totally Legit
that produces successful results in building a successful income online!


With Wealthy Affiliate:
  • You will Not be asked for your credit card upfront
  • You are offered a FREE membership with access to valuable content with no strings attached — these freebies are available with no required credit card information from you
  • You are given two FREE WordPress websites completely functional and ready to start your online business
  • You become a part of an incredibly Helpful COMMUNITY that genuinely cares about your success and is always available to help you
  • The owners ARE ALSO members of that warm community and are always available to give you a hand

Don't take my word for it Try It Out Here for Free!

Wealthy AffiliateThe Founders of Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle and Carson; they are both actively participating members within the Wealth Affiliate Community. They also created the most powerful online keyword research tool called Jaaxy which you get to use for free as a Wealthy Affiliate member.

You May be asking: Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?  I’ll tell you:
  • Men and women in the Age group 45 – 65 who want to make money online
  • Retired people who want to supplement their state pension
  • Anyone who loves their independence and work-life balance
  • Stay-at-Home moms wanting a legitimate way to make money online
  • People who were laid off from work
  • Anyone looking to make an extra income on the side like second-jobbers
  • Bloggers who would like to start making money from their blogs
  • Local business owners wanting to have a stronger online presence
  • Local business owners that need to get a better understanding of SEO and site-building
  • Men and Women interested in learning more about Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing
  • People trying to learn everything about affiliate marketing and its best strategies
  • University students who want to earn an income while they are studying
  • Anyone wanting to quit their 9-5 job to have the freedom they’ve always wanted
  • Anyone looking for WordPress quality, fast and reliable web hosting solutions
  • Web enthusiasts wanting to build their first websites
  • And the list goes on…

Update:   While Wealthy Affiliate community was great to begin with, I didn't make money from being a member I was putting a lot of time into it and it probably would have paid off with time, however, the only thing I am not very comfortable with is that once a member, you have to stay a member to get your commissions which makes it very similar to an MLM. 

My Absolute Recommendation would be to do a course that teaches you how you can independently make an income online like THIS ONE which enabled me and 100s of others to see commissions of up to $1000 in one week. 

Once you have joined for your Free Starter Account, I will offer you a BONUS when you decide to become premium in the first 7 days.  This will include:

  1. 59% discount in your first month as a Premium Member
  2. I will personally welcome you to the community and give you a walk through your first steps
  3. I will also give you a download link to some Awesome tools that I use to stay Focused and Motivated.


I’d like to Hear Your Thoughts

Please, if you have any comments, questions, concerns or you’d like to tell me about your Wealth Affiliate experience, please leave them below and I will respond and assist as timely as possible.


Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform




Customer Support


Quality of Training


Product Efficiency


Hosting Speed


Overall Satisfaction


Tools and Resources



  • Solid state-of-the-art, step by step training by industry experts
  • Phenomenal research tools
  • SiteRubix with free SSL
  • Ultra powerful and secure hosting
  • Proven strategies to attract loads of traffic
  • Supportive positive accountability Community
  • Weekly live Training
  • Create and Host up to 50 websites on Wealthy Affiliate Network
  • Super fast loading websites
  • Opportunity to turn your own ideas into profits


  • Requires discipline and focus due to a myriad of options and resources
  • Time management and planning is of essence as the training is thorough and targeted at building a firm foundation and knowledge base
  • You have to want to be an Authority in your Niche
  • You have to be prepared to learn and become a brand
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