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Spin Rewriter 9.0 Review – Heaven Sent or Disaster?

Today I am doing a review on a piece Software by Smileytech Solutions, it’s a product called Spin Rewriter 9.0.  This is an upgrade from an earlier version of the article Spinner from https://www.spinrewriter.com, this version of the software promises a lot of features, like being the only ENL Semantics Spinner on the market that comes with Article Writer, Spin distributor and SpinSEO, which are claimed to all add up to easy content creation.

Is this Software really all that brilliant or should it be avoided?

I have had a look online and I have seen lots of positive reviews and positive testimonials supposedly by some of the big names in Internet Marketing. I personally have a different perspective on this Software.  I am going to give the facts about Spin rewriter and article spinning in general and you can make an informed decision before you buy the software.

Right, Let us Begin…

What Exactly Is Article Spinning?

You may not have heard of article spinning before, if you are new to internet marketing, basically, spinning articles is about creating as much content as possible in a short time as possible because Content is Key to making money online.  Content is King in the Internet Marketing world, so many people try to find cheat solutions and shortcuts to producing as much Content as possible without spending a lot of time and effort.  There have been many different types of Software releases over the years that claimed to make the process of Easy Content Creation and yet there have always been issues with these shortcuts, they failed miserably.

Now, Article Spinning is basically taking somebody else’s article and rephrasing it in order to produce new content or taking your own old article and revising it to create a new article.  This method has been adjusted and fine-tuned over the years and Smileytech Solutions are the proud presenters of this product.

It might sound like a God-sent to be able to quickly create multiple articles and build up your Content online; yet, there are lots of pitfalls to this, here are just a few:

  • One can certainly discern when an article is regurgitated without second thought or emotion which unfortunately software and robots cannot emulate.
  • · Even Google’s robots are sensitive to poor grammar and incoherence which article spinners seem to be famous for.
  • Unique Content is just really difficult to rewrite in an algorithmic way successfully, as unique content is a unique expression of the individual creating the content.

Spin Rewriter 9.0 by Smileytech Solutions claims to be different from all other Article Spinners. Is it Really Different?

Spin Rewriter 9.0 – What Does It Do?

Here are some of the claims of what they say Spin Rewriter can do:

  • The world's best spinning algorithm, able to produce content that reads like it was written by a human.
  • Increases exponentially the amount of content you can produce. Because you don't need to rewrite every article, you can run far more blogs and get far more traffic.
  • You can automatically pull relevant images and videos straight into your articles.
  • Spin Rewriter 9.0 has the ability to spin full sentences and paragraphs.
  • It has the ability to automatically write new summarised paragraphs, on its own, for article uniqueness that no other tool can even comprehend.
  • The most widely supported API in the SEO industry: huge numbers of tools let you plug Spin Rewriter straight in.
  • Unlimited numbers of spun articles:  no '50 articles a month' or whatever other spinners might offer.  With Spin Rewriter, you can spin as many as you want.

Let’s hear what Aaron Sustar says in his Video about Spin Rewriter:

Spin Rewriter 9.0 claims to use an intelligent system that can actually understand the meaning of words and where to use them best. They call it “Emulated Natural Language (ENL) Semantic Spinning technology”. If what they say is true then Spin Rewriter 9 .0 might well be the first article spinner to create good “readable” content.

An Example of what Emulated Natural Language Semantic Spinning does:

Spin rewriter ENL

With all the above having been outlined, I am still not certain this Software is all that it has been cracked out to be, I have bought it and tried it just to test the accuracy and coherence of the spun articles and I am not convinced that this is all Advantages and no Disadvantages.

Why I Still Would Not Use Spin Rewriter 9 .0

It is very evident that the creators of Spin Rewriter 9 .0 have found ways to create a software that produces readable content and they have found a way to figure out the Convolutional Neural Network technology that Google's algorithms use.

In my humble opinion, clever as this system may be, I wouldn’t use it, as it is more like chasing the wind.

  • Mass production of the content of this type is like saying the same thing in many different ways which is really not saying much at all. It is not adding value; the quest in this is really manipulating the Google system to give you more traffic through hapless content.
  • Ethically speaking, you are neither doing yourself much good as you put yourself in a position to strive to outsmart the ever-changing algorithms of the Search Engines; there is nothing of lasting value that is being produced for the greater good of all.
  • This may seem like an easy way to create content yet it really isn’t, as it cheats you from doing the research and developing content that is unique in “your voice”, we have heard about the saying that “people don’t buy products, people buy people”.
  • Google may not have caught up with the tactics of these shortcuts yet, but when it does, wouldn’t you be safe in the knowledge that you have created your own articles, the best way you know how and you haven’t just duplicated them for the purpose of mass production?

Are There Any Up-sells or Extra Costs to Spin Rewriter 9.0?

As I mentioned in the beginning Spin Rewriter 9.0 comes with a few add-ons which cost a little more. One of these add-ons is SpinSEO which is designed to help you rank and I am hoping that it detects if duplicate articles are being published. Another Upsell is the WordPress Plugin you get at a price which is meant to spin your articles within WP and link to related videos online and link to your APIs for affiliate products promotion.

Spin Rewriter 9.0 Software comes as a Free Trial for 5 days, then priced at $77 per year after the free trial. This price does not include the SpinSEO, Spin Rewriter Gold which is On-Demand SEO or the WP Plugin.

So here is a breakdown of the upsells for Spin Rewriter 9.0:

spin rewriter upsells

Now you may be wondering…

Is Spin Rewriter 9.0 A Scam?

No. Spin Rewriter is not a scam at all, the software and the sales funnel is designed to make both creators and the affiliate marketers as much money as possible, but it definitely is not a scam.  It seems to work for a lot of people like the following testimonials found on https://www.spinrewriter.com on the Testimonials tab.

This software satisfies a Consumer need and fulfils a purpose, as seen by the number of people who are praising the product for its capability to maximise their time and efforts.  Undoubtedly Spin Rewriter enriches many with hundreds of thousands in profits easily. 

Spin Rewriter 9.0 Review 1

So Spin Rewriter is not a scam, it is a good product: What is my point here?

What I’d like to point out is that many a new online marketer falls for the lure of products that promise fast results with no effort at all and usually that leads to a lot of disappointments because there are fundamentals to everything in life.  The very idea of getting something for nothing is an absurdity to the nature of Life.  We all know about Seed => Time => Harvest; which seems to follow everything that happens in all of life, business included.

In my experience, when you are not well versed in any subject, it is impossible to take shortcuts and yet when you are an adept within a certain discipline, you can make and take as many shortcuts as possible, in fact, shortcuts become the fun ways to challenge yourself towards more.

So my advice here is directed to those that are new to Internet Marketing, Learn to do this, the right way first!


There was a time when creating back-links to your website was the “in thing” that Google wanted to see and the bandwagon of the creators of shortcuts to Online Prosperity flooded the internet with their new tools to conquer Google’s algorithms and made a killing in profits to a certain extent, soon they moved on as the algorithms changed.  So, in order to save yourself from being swayed in different directions by winds of changing algorithmic waves appearing as shiny objects, set yourself up properly by doing things the Right Way accepted by the Search Engines, without manipulations or shortcuts.  Everything takes time to set up at first especially when you are beginning, yet if you do take the time to set up a GOOD Foundation, things get easier as you build on top of a firm foundation.  If getting ranked at the top of Google was the most important thing then I wouldn’t be stressing the importance of learning to do things the Proper Way, the fact is, even if you are ranked at the top of Google, you still need relevant content that is captivating and of benefit to your audience.

Sometimes it seems Internet Marketers forget that the intention of internet marketing is Helping People find what they want and to make informed decisions about products.

Spin Rewriter is a great system for those marketers that are already set up and very experienced who may use it to link to other software or use it to brush up their own created content.  I would not recommend it for a beginner at all.

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Thank you so much for reading my review. Please feel free to give feedback, comments or ask questions below and I will respond accordingly!

Spin Rewriter 9.0

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