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Spin Rewriter 9.0 Review — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for this review of Spin Rewriter 9.0, a very comprehensive walkthrough!
    I haven’t seen this particular software before, but I have seen others that are similar.
    Personally, I’m pretty wary of this type of software… I can see the benefits of using it to create a lot of content, but I think there is a lot of potential to get into a bit of trouble with the search engines.
    At the end of the day, I think you are better off to create content yourself.
    Yes, it’s a lot of work, but I think you will reap the rewards in the long run.
    Great post!

  2. Wow – haven’t these come a long way from the early days.
    I can see a use of this tools for grey hat seo – adding loads of content for pbn’s.
    if you are using these to pump up the rankings of your main site then the last thing you want to do is to be writing loads of content – or paying for it.
    so, using this software you can create loads of similar content with keywords and links to your site to boost your rankings.
    would i use this for my main site – no way – i might use it to get an idea going but to actually use the content – no way.
    would i use it to boost rankings for a site on pbn’s – maybe if it was a new site that i wanted ranking quickly.
    with google now ignoring non relevant links rather than punishing you for it – you have nothing to lose.
    and at the price with enl tech – well if you have a pbn waiting for content…

    • Hey Phil! Thanks for your comment on my review of Spin Rewriter 9.0. and your tips on how one could use this tool. They have indeed improved and yet as you said it is a tool that can be used only when you know what you are doing and not as a main content creator, as the content can never be unique with an Article Spinner, no matter how good it is.

      Thank again Phil!

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