How to Write [Cash Producing] Articles

How to Write [Cash Producing] Articles

Writing articles can be an easy way to promote your site and affiliate programs.  Let’s look at how to write those cash producing articles for your affiliate blogs. Promoting products within an entertaining article is by far one of the easiest things that nearly anybody can do and see results.

Steps Towards Writing a Great Copy

1. Clarity/ Why?   articles

Here you are going to be clear about your intention. Why are you writing the article?  You want to attract readers who will enjoy your article, read it through and benefit from it. So, your article must have the following  elements:

– It must be inviting, entertaining, interesting and informative.

– Give your article a reader-centred approach – allow them to personalise it and involve their senses.

2. What?

Now that you know why you want to write your article; you’ll have to find the topic you want to write about. In order to determine this, you are not going to focus on searching for keywords that are easy to rank in, you are going to search for keywords around the product you want to promote.

Your topic should have something to do with your site’s main topic, for example, since my site is about Creating Financial Freedom Online so I have the article on my home page that looks at the idea of Financial Freedom and I give an example of a definition of Financial Freedom that resonates with me by Noah St John who does a great program called  Get Unstuck Now, aimed at entrepreneurs who want to take their business into the next level.

 How? Articles

This is how you are producing cash with your article. Find someone who has an affiliate program with the product (s) you want to sell, in my case for the above-mentioned product, I sourced the link from Noah St John directly, you can be a direct affiliate for a brand or go through an Affiliate Network such as ShareASale, FlexOffers, Awin, CJ or Clickbank. They all vary in the percentage affiliate commission they offer.  There are absolutely myriads of avenues and products out there, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding products to promote.


ArticlesIt helps to know your audience well and understand their needs.  If you already have your topic and an outline of the questions your audience have, you can start writing your article.  If the subject is in the area of your expertise, you will have no problem breezing through your article with total ease, however, if it is a topic you are not very familiar with, you can do some research on Google.  Find the main “Keyword” Forum, have a look at what type of questions are being asked about the product you want to write about? What features are people looking for? What sort of information are they wanting to know about the product?  Your job is just to answer all those questions and you have your article then you just point them to where they can buy it and tell them the price and any discount if available.

There is a ton of information that you can find on forums and they are the best places to glean for information that is relevant to what people are looking for.  This will enable you to write articles on a common problem in your niche market.  Your article will have some traction because you are answering to the needs of your market.

5 different ways you could write your article.

How-To Article

This is a step-by-step illustration of how to do something for example: How to Create a Website Fast and Easy which is a post I have written about that leads you to a platform where you can easily create a website in less than 30 seconds without buying a domain or hosting.  It is easy to slip in your affiliate link in this type of article as it is inspiring and also puts the tools into the readers' hands so that they can put the information into action immediately and see the results.  It’s easy to sell something that makes the process you are writing about easier or quicker.

An Opinion Based Article

This could be a review of a product or service, in every industry, there are new products, services and developments that you can write about to tell the public about the product, service or development and put your affiliate link in there.  You can write about how the product can affect individuals, businesses or industries and highlight the pros and cons.  Be honest about products and services, don’t be persuaded by the affiliate commission to give a good review on products that you know would not benefit certain individuals.  It is important that you realise that being honest and open in giving your opinion is far more important than how much money you can make.

Tell people the truth always even if you have a link for the product, make it clear who it is good for and who it is not good for, in that way only those people who will benefit from the product will buy it.  There is not one product for everyone, always qualify who the prospective buyers for your reviewed product are and make it clear. Present the facts and allow people to make an informed decision.

The top ten or top 5 list

Write about the top ten or top 5 list of whatever your niche market faces, it could be the top ten most important steps to creating a successful business or it could be The Top Affiliate Networks in 2019 an article that I wrote about the top four Network Affiliates that most affiliates use.  I could embed my links into the article and at the same time, I included a lot of information that is useful to Affiliate Marketing Beginners.

A Book Excerpt or Condensation

This type of article is perfect to showcase a book that you have written or a book that you are promoting, you could simply create an article based on the ideas discussed in the product.  Have your link pointing to the product.

The Inspirational Essay or Personal Story

Human interest stories are a great way to connect with your audience. You can write humorous, inspirational stories that grab the audience’s attention, lift their spirits and put your link within the writing with an offer that will benefit your reader and meet their needs or fulfil their wants.  An example of this is seen in my article titled: From Zero to Hero Transformation, where I use a simple inspirational story ending with a link to my favourite Centre of Creation
for those who want to learn how to create their own Financial Freedom using the internet.

Every article must follow this very basic outline.

Keep the paragraphs of your article short. Three to four lines should be plenty with the occasional one-sentence paragraph. This makes your article easy to read. Most viewers will simply skip over or skim any big blocks of text you have in your article.

How to Structure your Article

1. Your Headline – the purpose of your headline is to grab your readers attention and stir up curiosity. Make it as you would see in a sales letter, this is very important to make your readers want to read your article.

2. Opening Paragraph– give a brief overview of what you will be discussing and help to pull the reader deeper into your article.  Make it interesting and leave the reader with some questions in which you will answer in your article.  This is the second most crucial part of your article. If you can keep them interested through this, they will most likely read the rest of your article

3. The Body – This section will contain the bulk of your information. You should constantly keep writing valuable information to your reader and avoid any fluff and fillers. Make your article long as it needs to be and not longer. Keep it simple, short and sweet to the point.

4. Conclusion – Your conclusion should be one or two paragraphs to review what the reader has learned.  The final part of your conclusion should be inspiring and lead to a Call to Action.  End your article on a high note to give your readers the feeling that reading your article has been worth it.

The following additional steps are only necessary when writing an article to post on Article Directories:

5. Authors Bio. – this is where you’ll add information about yourself and you can insert your affiliate link. When putting your affiliate link use something like “To Learn More About Great Product Please Visit – Affiliate Link”. This does not look like blatant advertising and will get you more clicks.

6. Your Summary – this is necessary for article directory submission and should be about three sentences long and give an overview of your article. Make sure that your summary is interesting and pulls the reader in. Often your headline and summary are the only things shown when someone is searching so make them count.

At this point, you should have an informative article that promotes a product through your affiliate link. Now the only thing left is keywords relating to your article, this will help search engines to find your article and give you a better ranking.  You may now submit your article

Article Directories  

There are hundreds of article directories to submit your article to. You can read more about Article Directories on Wikipedia.  I have compiled this list of ten directories that you can use.

The more directories you submit to the more chances you have of sites publishing your article. You will have to sign up for an account as an Author first, once approved you can start submitting as many articles as you like. The sign-up approval process can take as little as an hour or as long as a month for some directories, so you may want to sign up with several directories and keep writing more articles.

How to Write [Cash Producing] Articles 1How to Write [Cash Producing] Articles 2
Article writing is one of the easiest ways to make money promoting affiliate programs. Once you get into your article writing “zone” it will be quicker and easier to write and submit each article. As in most things, the only way to improve is through continued practice.

Keep writing articles on your chosen topic until you feel that you have covered every angle. Once you are done with that topic move on to a new product and a new topic. If you continue doing this, you will eventually find affiliate sales coming from all directions.

Great Value of Article Directories

When you write articles and submit them to article directories you not only get valuable backlinks. You get the chance to put your material in front of more visitors than you normally would otherwise.


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