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Raikov Effect Review — 6 Comments

    • Thanks Andy, hypnosis has been used a lot especially in the form of conversational hypnosis in therapy sessions and autosuggestion is mostly found in advertising and movies…

  1. Wow Kimberleigh, great creation. I’m new to this. You have effectively covered many bases. I like your theme too. Is it easy to use?

    There is a lot of well organized material here and depth. FYI I attended several Marshall Sylver bootcamps in the early 2000’s and was a certified life coach with Bob Proctor.

    Learning how to create is challenging and you have inspired me.

    Best to you,

    • Hi Bob, thanks for your comment. Yes, this is a very easy and flexible theme to use.
      I am familiar with Marshall Silver, does he still do his online radio show?
      Bob Proctor too, we have crossed paths in the past. I have done many things in
      my life in the quest of Wisdom and Understanding.

      Creators we are, Naturally!


  2. Hi Kimberleigh,

    Interesting post! I hadn’t heard of Dr. Raikov until now. His experiments sound very interesting.

    Personally I’m uncomfortable with hypnosis but adopting the mindset or genius of other successful entrepreneurs is very intriguing.

    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Thanks for your comment, Dr Vladmir Raikov was a Russian Neuroscientist, however Deep Trance Identification
      and hypnosis has been practised in many cultures in ritualistic dances.

      Many people fear that the hypnotist is taking over their mind yet it is not possible to take control of
      someone’s mind while under hypnosis because the subconscious mind will only allow that which is in congruity
      with the hypnotic subjects values and highest benefit.

      Yes it is quite intriguing and possible because in essence, you are already a genius, hypnosis would allow
      you to open up to it and believe it more and when you believe it – your subconscious has no choice but to prove
      it to you that you are indeed a genius!

      Thanks again

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