Raikov Effect Review

Raikov Effect Review – What is the Raikov Effect?

Can you really step into the genius of anyone you admire? Can you imagine embodying the traits, attributes, expertise and financial genius of anyone you want to emulate?

Product Name: The Raikov Effect
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Raikov Effect

According to Wikipedia, a Russian Neuroscientist Dr Vladmir Raikov started experimenting in the 1960s and ’70s, on exercises aimed to improve the musical abilities of students at a Moscow Conservatory.  Raikov’s experiments were carried out in 3 groups of students. The first group were not hypnotised, the second group were hypnotised and given positive suggestions and the third group were hypnotised and taught to “be in the skin of” some of the great musicians throughout history. The outcome was that students in the third group scored higher in their exams.  This experiment led the students to believe they had stepped into the persona of the person they were modelling. It was discovered that they could emulate Einstein’s level of genius through simple hypnotic suggestion.

Hypnotic Suggestion

This phenomenon has also been demonstrated by the likes of Milton Erickson, Richard Bandler and John Grinder and many others to date.  I have always been fascinated with the paranormal and altered states, so studying hypnosis and NLP was part of my life’s lot.

In 1971 Vladimir Raikov did a secret experiment that revealed that you can practically install the Genius of anyone you admire. Is there anyone’s mindset you just would love to adopt?  If you have read my post: Zero to Hero -Transformation Story, you can see I totally believe that we are designed to shape-shift and evolve, so Dr Vladmir Raikov’s discovery is nothing out of the ordinary.

This almost obscure technique known as the Raikov Effect claims to show exactly how anyone can transform into someone they admire. Whether you desire to be a successful entrepreneur, long for more charisma or want to tune into your capability to create a world-changing invention, there are scientific tools that can help you do so. This introduction to the Raikov experiments will help you begin to understand how you can apply these amazing techniques to your own life.

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What Raikov discovered was that the skills of the emulated persona remained with the subject even after the hypnosis was over.  This happened with all skill sets art, music, and other professional skills.

Is this safe?

I have had great experiences in my own life using hypnosis, it is safe because the subject is in control during the whole process, a person cannot be directly hypnotised against their will even though there are stealth tactics used in marketing and media all the time, however, not in the case of deep trance identification as the therapist has to follow a code of trust.

The Raikov Effect is just one of the ways one can tap into their inner Genius easily by emulating another person they admire.  Most humans who are not visionaries, learn by experience from our environment – “the monkey see, monkey do” effect. We discover and choose what we want from the smorgasbord of life by letting go of that which we do not want and focusing on what we want.  So, tools like the Raikov Effect are very useful to move from one state that no longer serves to the desired state.

Does this really work instantly?

Yes and No!  It is possible to feel a shift immediately; however, you need to give it time.  The whole concept of instant gratification defies the fundamental laws of existence, that is why we have seasons, that mark time. Even babies grow overtime going through stages to become adults, imagine if your baby was born today and instantly changed to a full-grown man or woman…? That would be a shock to your system.  So, for me, I think the Raikov Effect gives you the confidence to make the transition to your desired outcome faster and easier than it would normally take when facing internal resistance.

Will I look and talk like the person I am emulating?

No, you will still look like yourself – you are unique remember, the only thing that will change is the mindset and traits, you will begin to think differently and make different better choices.

Remember the blueprint of all creation is the image and likeness of the creator, which you are, so you will still be the same being with enhanced qualities.

Will this Work for Me?

Only you can answer that because you are in charge!  From my own experience: Everything works if you work it.  We have seen people changing their diet from a meat-based diet to a vegetarian diet and totally change their lives and yet some have suffered and gotten ill from the same actions.  The science behind why things seem to work for some and yet not for others can be documented in volumes, in a nutshell, you always get the results you expect because your faith makes you whole.  Sometimes we want something and we have no idea what it takes to be that, perhaps the leap is too great to make the jump to the desired outcome and you land somewhere in the middle, it doesn’t mean that your jump has not worked – it just means keep jumping and eventually you will get there.  You do need to keep the focus though and not lose momentum in your jumping towards your desire.


Great tools for self-improvement
Easy to Use
Can be life-changing
Great way to build a better version of yourself


Misleading sales pitch and false promises
Results can vary depending on the individual openness to Hypnotic Suggestions
No customer services

My Conclusion

This is a great tool like any other self-development tool and technique, however, the sales pitch and promotional technique used may have worked with the creators of “the secret” and many others who have made millions in the self-development industry, it is not necessary and off-putting, to say the least as it robs the tools of the potency that they may hold. So please exercise discernment and wisdom to avoid disappointment.  Rule #1 Never do anything in desperation as your mind will be clouded… Give yourself time – Give yourself a break.


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The Raikov Effect


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  • Can Be Life Changing
  • Great tools for self-improvement
  • Easy to Use
  • Great way to build a better version of yourself


  • Results can vary depending on the individual openness to Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Misleading Sales pitch and false promises
  • No Customer Service
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