Financial Freedom Plan – Become Financially Free

Financial Freedom Plan –  What is Your Financial Freedom Plan? FINANCIAL FREEDOM

Financial Freedom for me is when you have a congruence of these Superpowers: Time, Money, Energy and Relationships, in short when you are healthy, free and able to do, be and have whatever your heart desires, with whomever, whenever, wherever you please, that is what I call Financial Freedom. When you are doing what you do because it is your choice and not because you feel obligated to do it.

You can be financially free even when you do not have a lot of money, however, the four Superpowers I mention above are key to experiencing Financial Freedom.  There is an old saying that has been misconstrued many times and it goes like this:

What good is it for a man or woman to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?  For a lot of people, this saying would not be seen to apply to all areas of life, it would be compartmentalised to perhaps a ritualistic endeavour or something of the sort.  Yet, please humour me and think about the above saying as pertaining to your life areas such as time, money, energy and relationships.

I have seen many a man or woman who work very hard and they may gain lots of money, which is great and in the process, they may not have a great relationship with their spouse, children or even friends as they are trading three of their Superpowers or Resources to sustain the one.  Some may be giving up time freedom or trading their health for financial gain, well that is not wise, it is not beneficial management of power. Some people trade their money and time for a little bit of social engagement which is still not a wise investment of these resources or Superpowers as I call them.  Adopting the role of a Steward who looks after and gives life to these Superpowers is the most enriching and empowering stance to take.

How then do I harness my Superpowers to gain Financial Freedom?

There is an old saying that: “To him who has, more shall be given”  It isn't that there is some genie shelling out to those that already have stuff, it's just that if a person has a shortage mentality even if an avalanche of good would smack them in the face they would not see it as good, they'd probably be upset about being smacked in the face instead of seeing the good that came with that smack…

Wisdom is the principal thing! Wisdom comes with knowledge applied over time.  The first step I would ask you to take right now is to recognise your Superpowers and acknowledge them as your Superpowers.  Once you have acknowledged what you have, focus on nurturing and developing these powers, there lies the secret to Financial Freedom.

Now let us break this down and look at each Superpower and how it interlinks with the others:

Time: Financial Freedom Plan - Become Financially Free 1

Use your time in support and nurturing of your energy, relationships and money – never abuse your time by using it out of context with your other superpowers.  If you have a vision of growth and financial freedom, you cannot spend your time nurturing and developing anything else other than your energy, relationships and money.  If you sat and watched TV all day it would not be in congruence with your aim of financial freedom and that could cause disharmony in your life that would show up as a weakening of one or more of your other superpowers.



financial freedom

Use your energy effectively to honour, develop and nurture your time relationships and money, that in turn gives you more energy.  Have you ever heard the saying: “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it”?  The focused use of energy produces more energy when it is used in congruence with the other three superpowers.

Relationships – The Dynamic Power of Influence:Dynamic Power of Influence

Who do you hang out with, at work, home, in life? Do your relationships understand your vision?  There is a saying that goes: Tell me who your friends are and I’ll Tell You Who You Are.  Jim Rohn said it this way: ‘We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with’  I have met many people who say: well my family, my spouse or people in my life don't support my dreams.  Well, ok, perhaps you should change that by turning your dreams into your vision! When you have a vision that consumes you or better said: when you are possessed by your vision, other people have no choice but to support it!


Financial freedom planUse your money to amplify, support and nurture your time, energy, and relationships.  When you get in the habit of seeing money as your superpower that supports and complements your other superpowers, then it becomes something you have, something you use and not something to chase or exchange your other superpowers for.

What do these Super Powers have to do with Financial Freedom?

Remember:  Wisdom is the Principal thing – it is the binding agent that harmonises your Superpowers and sheathes the double-edged sword for the safety of the wielder.  Ask for wisdom, seek wisdom, wisdom is not taught in books even though it is recommended to read many books in the quest to gain knowledge, yet wisdom is not to be found in a book, it is what happens in the process when knowledge is applied consistently over time that  flashes of insights begin to flow and wisdom can be witnessed.  Wisdom has three companions with her always, they are Long Life, Riches and Honour.

Hang on a second, I hear you say: What's that got to do with Financial Freedom?  I'll tell you:

As mentioned already, Wisdom is what balances and harmonises your Superpowers, it boosts them and causes them to flourish without the side effects that occur when sheer personal magnetism is used to maximise usually on one or two of the Superpowers.  What?  Yeah, have you ever heard of the guy or girl who seems to have it all and yet is unhappy or unhealthy or relationship-less?  I am not making these up, I am sure you know someone that knows someone like that, right…?

John Kekes says, “What a wise man knows, therefore, is how to construct a pattern that, given the human situation, is likely to lead to a good life.”  We all agree that a good life is a long life of Well-being in all areas.  As mentioned earlier insights occur whilst you are applying what you know and that multiplies into depths of Wisdom.  Henry David Thoreau said this way: If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

So Let's get Practical now: Financial Freedom Plan

  • Take your Journal or Notebook – if you haven't got one, get one!
  • Take stock of where you are  – Do you have Financial Freedom right now?
  • What does Financial Freedom mean to you personally?  Remember, not everyone wants a Lamborghini and not everyone can be happy and free-living in a simple abode in the middle of a desert.  What does it mean for you personally?
  • Take a look at your Superpowers: Time, Energy, Relationships and money – What can you do to balance, develop and nurture these?
  • Do you have a vision for your life – write it down – meditate on it day and night
  • Make the attainment of wisdom part of your vision – this will protect your wealth and increase it exponentially
  • Pay yourself a tenth of all your earnings into an account that you never withdraw from and watch it accumulate
  • Learn new things every day
  • Pay off all debt with joy
  • Use the 10 – 30 – 30 – 30 Formula in circulating your money, that is, 10% TITHE to yourself in the account that you never withdraw from, 30% for LIVING EXPENSES, 30% INVESTMENTS, 30% SELF-DEVELOPMENT and miscellaneous.
  • Decide to cultivate Joy, Love and Peace in your life – Choose to be Joy, Love and Peace every single day no matter what may happen.
  • Take action towards your goals each and every day, if you don't know where to start, find someone who knows how to get what you want and knows how to impart that know-how, learn from them.
  • Follow your inner knowing and trust yourself because ultimately you are the creator of your destiny and the captain of your soul. Only You can get You to where you want to be.


What if I really feel stuck and can't seem to get ahead?

Please note that you cannot get stuck as an open system you expand and progress with the help of contrast or entropy:

“This law states that all-natural processes generate entropy, a measure of disorder”
“Entropy, in short, is the measurement of the molecular disorder. The law of the irreversible increase in entropy is a law of progressive disorganisation, of the complete disappearance of the initial conditions.” You can see this report here:  Open Systems and Entropy.

In a nutshell the contrast that we feel when we feel like we are stuck and want to do something but don't seem to have the wisdom to execute what we envision in the flashes of desire, is like when you put the kettle on and it starts to boil the water volume remains the same yet the molecular structure of boiling water is more robust than the closely compacted molecular structure of cold water, that is what happens to a person who is dealing with contrast [under pressure] – it changes the substance of your being to a grander version of yourself.

Business Mindset

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein
There are tools that you can use to make the change easier or enjoyable but it has to happen.  Change is inevitable if you want to expand and become more.  Old habits that brought you to where you are, have to disappear – this is the death of the old condition and it is a good thing because it has served you well to bring you this far and letting it go is the wisest move to make.

There are some people who then demonise the old systems and habits and label them as bad or as something you should get rid off as if it were a plague.  I reckon it is wise to be grateful for the old systems of thought, the old habits and the old ways of doing things yet be aware that they have run their course and now you have to part ways and embrace new ways. Open up to learn new tricks, tools and techniques to get to where you want to go.

One of the tools I use all the time to expand my paradigm is using self-development tools, some of which I cover under Self-Development reviews.  These tools can help to make the transition smoother, the knowing that change or growth does require a complete renewal, a new birth.  In a reiteration of Albert Einstein's quote:  “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” the new birth is imperative for the old carcass to fall off and a brand new Being to emerge, the new You!  Hypnosis and Subliminals speed up the change by bypassing the Critic or the part of the mind that harbours fears, doubts and resistance to change.  This part of our minds serves to protect us from the unknown, however, because it is a system of habit, it acts like a broken record; it will play the music whether you still enjoy or not.

Be Persistent!

Financial Freedom Plan

You will meet resistance from within and without, so be determined and be persistent.  Harness and nurture your Superpowers as you advance confidently in the direction of your Vision [dreams], and endeavour to live the life which you have imagined, keep going and you will meet with Success unexpected in common hours.  Examples of this phenomena are seen all around us, take for instance:

Oprah Winfrey who met many challenges from the age of nine years old yet she never gave up at only fourteen years old, she became a mum to a son whom she lost shortly after his premature birth. She transcended that and moved on, persevered through life and came through the fire of the hardships life had thrown at her without a singe or even a smell of smoke – According to Forbes her estimated net worth is $2.7 billion and she has donated $425 million throughout her career, including over $100 million to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.

Jim Carrey was one who had focused vision from a very young age, he kept his focus in the face of misfortunes and homelessness, he kept doing what he loved doing even when his vision could have been derailed, he was persistent and now he is worth Millions.  He used techniques like writing out a cheque to the amount that he wanted to have for himself to focus on.

Benjamin Franklin whose formal education lasted all of two years, yet through voracious reading he taught himself and went on to be a writer from the local Newspaper under a Pseudonym due to opposition, he excelled in many things including foreign languages, politics, science, art and music and more…

Don't let failure stop you! Recognise that those stones in your path are not stumbling blocks, they are stepping stones, use them to climb up towards your ideal!  Don't let loss or pain hinder you from attaining the goal you have set before yourself.

Note that you will meet opposition!

Sometimes when your vision is grand, your family and close relations may not understand what it is, they may not understand the change that is taking place within you, this is when you need to become possessed by your vision become it, be transformed from your old self – let that old carcass fall off and yes your loved ones will want to still hang on to the you that they know and are so familiar with so you need to be strong and do whatever you can to nurture your vision guard it with your life.  If you have to adopt a pen-name as in the case of Benjamin Franklin in order to live your vision, so be it.

You will seemingly lose some friends and some family members may question your sanity, it is well.  They will come back when they start seeing the fruit of what seemed like a disruption to the untrained eye without vision.

Here is one of my favourite quotes:

Financial Freedom Plan

Failure is not the end, the end is when you give up!

Bill Gates – started off with a company called Traf-O-Data which failed miserably and because he didn't give up, he is worth over $95 billion

Richard Branson's first venture was a student magazine which he started at 16, he has had his hand in many ventures ever since diversifying and differentiating as he went along never losing focus of his vision of as he puts it: My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them … from the perspective of wanting to live life to the full, I felt that I had to attempt it.

What is your Vision?

Define what you want.  Make it clear when it becomes clear to you, you become Unstoppable.  Have you ever noticed that when a person walks with confidence and knows where they are heading, the crowds will clear the path before them without even knowing why they are moving away?  This is because Confidence creates a Force-field around the one who oozes with it.

Step Out in Confidence!

Financial Freedom Plan

I had a recurrent dream for almost 2 years between 2001 – 2003 and every night something, I wasn’t even sure what it was, chased me through valleys and mountains, I ran so fast because I didn’t want this “thing” whatever it was to catch me. I was so very afraid of it. This went on every night as soon as I fell asleep; I would be running for my life… Eventually one night I fell and couldn’t get up to run and as my “pursuer” got nearer and nearer, I surrendered to death or whatever was going to befall me and then something pounced on me giving me a blow that cut my side open and blood gushed out and as I felt my blood oozing out; I relaxed and gave up no longer feeling scared. The sensation was actually very pleasant, and I enjoyed it for a while and as my body was almost empty, I cried out “no!” Because I wanted to face this thing, that had tortured me for so long chasing me. I wasn’t going to die without a fight or at least seeing what had been pursuing me. As soon as I said “No!” the blood slowly collected back into my body and I was whole again. An instant download of knowing that death is not real, that all characters in the dream were me; that I had to face my fears and open to shine Gods light in every part of my being as there are no parts that are not of God. I knew I had to face my fears and shadows in order to be free of their terror.


You see the thing is that what we fear is not bad for us, contrast serves the purpose of expansion to bigger aspects of ourselves.  For expansion to happen there must be that contraction for a moment in order explode into something new because what you are before your dream is fulfilled, is not the same being you are when you step into your dream there is a chemical composition shift that takes place.  This happens in order to create resonance with your vision because you can only attract that which you are in resonance with at molecular level.

What is the one thing that just terrifies you? What is the one thing that someone could say to you that would totally set you off? What are you afraid of?

Fear is energy – you as an infinite Being are all energies, God is all energies including fear, so embrace yourself and face your fears. When you face and embrace your fear it becomes your greatest potency. The energy that balances and neutralises fear is Love. When you start loving and caring for yourself deeply; the fears will just dissolve like butter on hot toast, no longer a Menace but an Accessory…

Loving yourself fully and totally, making it your daily job and main focus, is a vast subject because just when you think you love yourself; you learn there is more and then you go deeper and deeper – It’s an amazing dance with yourself. On this planet in the past, we were told that you love others and that means you are loving; yet in actual fact, you couldn’t love another until you totally love you fully and being able to love yourself unashamedly in front of others is what loving really is.

Finally, Beloved, Love is All There is

It may sound too simple to the modern man since we always analyse and look for complex answers to questions. We don’t believe that life is simple and the answers to its problems can also be simple: love. In fact, what is anger or sadness or pain but the soul’s desire for love? If only we could learn to love ourselves without reservation and to love the world in the same way, we would have all life’s problems solved.

It is impossible, when filled with love, to be aggressive or hate-filled or violent. To be conscious of our own beauty and greatness enables us to see greatness in everyone and to see the world as beautiful.

We don’t need to look outside ourselves for the love we seek. It has been there all along. It is the voice of our self-esteem and self-efficacy. It is our anger saying, ‘hey this is not right for me. I don’t want this in my life any longer.’

Practise Self-Love
  • Self-love is saying no to abuse, manipulation and betrayal.
  •  desiring the very best for yourself and accepting only that in your life.
  • It is healing the wounds that you have carried all your life.
  • choosing to forgive yourself for your shortcomings and forgiving others for their trespasses
  • Self-love is walking away from those who mistreat you, knowing that you deserve better.
  • taking the risk to pursue the career that will bring you joy regardless of what others think of you.
  • listening to your own inner voice, the one that will always guide you to what is best.
  • the confidence and trust in your own self completely.
  • following that little voice within that says, ‘oh I want to do that today.’ Sometimes it means ignoring the voice of ‘shoulds' and ‘musts.'
  • believing that when you seek what you desire and fill yourself with joy, you will also be spreading that joy to those around you.
  • It is allowing Love to fill you up so you know there is nothing missing in your life and letting Love will lead you and guide you.


Here’s a quote that I’d like to share with you:

Financial Freedom Plan

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