How to create a website fast and easy


How to Create a fast and easy website using Site Rubix, in less than 30 seconds with no coding, no domain and no web hosting necessary to start it up.



First  Click on this Site Rubix Link which will open:

Site Rubix

Choose what name to give to your new site

Type it into the Site Rubix search box

Let's say you want to create a site on crystals because you love the brilliance of crystals and say you have researched the keyword and it’s a good keyword to use. So it would look like this:

Site Rubix Image
  • Type in the name of your site or niche eg. “Where-to-buy-genuine-crystals”


Within Site Rubix


  • Site Rubix will tell you if the website name is available on the right of the above box like this:


Availability Button


  • Click Build My Free Website


Build Free website Button


As soon as you click this button you’ll land on this screen:


Select the first option on the left (On a Free domain)

You’ll then land on this page:

Domain Name

You can then just fill out your information with your chosen details to create your website fast and easy,  and if you want to see a video demonstration  click below:

Work from home online

I hope that has demonstrated just how simple and easy it is to create a website structure.

To learn more or if you need any help just ask, leave me a comment below and I will respond.

To Your Success and Prosperity,


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