Webtalk Review – What is Webtalk?


Webtalk Review – What is Webtalk?

Product Name: Webtalk


RJ Garbowicz – Founder, CEO and Chairman
Bassit Hussain – Co-founder
Andrew Peret – CTO and Co-founder

When I was approached by someone on Facebook last year about Webtalk, I thought, is it going to be like Facebook, Myspace, Ryze, Linkedin or the myriad of other social networks that are a total waste of time?  Well, I can only check it out, there’s nothing to lose.  When I asked my referrer for more information, he said I should just sign up and he’ll forward more information once I’m signed up and connected with him on the platform. I did and then never heard from him again… I looked at his profile and noticed that I was the only person he had managed to get to sign up.webtalk banner

I looked around Webtalk and it didn’t seem like much of a social platform, in fact, it seemed very antisocial but I did get 23 people to sign up, then slowly I got a few people connecting with me, some still trying to get me to join their businesses and eventually that has stopped now and I am seeing some life on the platform even though it is still in Beta stage. It has improved big time, but then I remember Facebook and Linkedin when they started…

I have gleaned some more information on Webtalk since I joined and it seems Webtalk have big plans and they are really working hard to build this network to a sustainable business that has its people at the centre.  This video below explains it better than I could put it in my own words:

I guess with such great abstract ideas it would make sense to entice the public following with a promised incentive. Basically, I have connections on Linkedin and Facebook and I have never earned an incentive from the revenue these social networks make when the contacts I introduced spend money, Webtalk differs in that they promise a profit share for those who help them build the network.  So, from what I understand:

Webtalk is a social media platform that allows you to subdivide your contacts -professional – Existing clients or prospective clients and personal – acquaintances or friends

Joining is totally free with some paid services like any other social media and e-commerce platforms (these include advertising, premium upgrades, transaction fees).

When any of your referrals spend money on any of these paid services, Webtalk will reward you with a commission.

There are some features that Webtalk is going to offer that no other social media platforms are offering right now.

What are the Membership Levels?

Webtalk Premium Plans

Where does Webtalk stand right now?

Webtalk Stats

Even though there are many features that are still missing to make Webtalk the talk of the town, it has improved a lot since when I joined last year.  There are some members who have networks to the tune of 100K, which is quite interesting for when they start earning revenue for their referrals.

Are you starting to get intrigued now? What to do next?

Webtalk Banner
You have a choice here, go ahead, join and see where it leads or hesitate and miss out on an opportunity.
This could be that once a lifetime chance for you to set yourself up for some really nice residual income
for the future without all the heavy lifting – you don’t have to push hard to promote this, just a simple,
follow me on Webtalk as a signature file with your Webtalk link or a banner on your website could see you connecting with a steady number of people and growing your Webtalk network without getting out of the
way of your daily schedule.

Things to note when you join Webtalk

  • Webtalk is free to join – it will always be free to join with some upgrades for advanced features
  • You can only join Webtalk by invitation only – you cannot google Webtalk and join
  • So now you see the benefit if you join now and invite as many people who invite others, when or if
    Webtalk becomes the next giant of social media and marketplace, you stand to benefit from that.
  • Complete your profile with your picture
  • Connect with the person who referred you
  • Connect with RJ Garbowicz, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Webtalk
  • Connect with Andrew Peret, CTO and Co-founder of Webtalk
  • Familiarise yourself with the platform
  • Refer people


Below is a 26-page slide presentation that I found which explains the direction and perhaps even the heart of Webtalk and its Creators. Please CLICK through it and learn more about Webtalk:


I hope this has inspired you to look closely into Webtalk, I’d love to connect with you there!  If this all goes according to plan we will share in the success of this venture – there is nothing to lose.

I would like to just say this: Success is not by chance it is by choice, most people who have succeeded have had to put in a lot of work over some time in order to see the fruit of their labour.  Many fail over and over and because they don’t give up, they may change the avenues and methods but hold tight to their dream until it bears fruit.



Webtalk Banner


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