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Top Affiliate Networks in 2019

What are the Top Affiliate Networks in 2019?

I am sharing with you the top 4 Affiliate Networks in 2019, as I have mentioned that Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways to make money and earn Financial Freedom online in my post How To Create Financial Freedom Online as An Affiliate Marketer.  Now I will expand on the topic of Affiliate Marketing and I will list some of the Affiliate networks you can join as an Affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is a huge industry that has become a major wellspring of online income for thousands of professional bloggers.  As most online businesses become involved in affiliate marketing, a plethora of opportunities have emerged for bloggers, including you and I to create passive income streams.

Most affiliates will use affiliate networks to find offers for their blogs, yet there is a wide variety of businesses who work directly with affiliates as the affiliate networks take a cut of the generated income, they do serve a valuable role in the affiliate marketing industry as you will see below.

Affiliate Networks serve to:    Networks Data

1. Collect offers from different vendors

2. Create a directory or platform for affiliate marketers to find offers

3. Manage the administrative duties of running an affiliate network platform


In this post, I will go through some of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms, but before we do that, let us look at what you should look for when choosing an Affiliate Network:

1. Product Assortment

The first thing you should consider is the products on the network. Is this network a good fit for your niche?  It’s all good to join a network, yet if there are no products on the affiliate network that are a good fit for your audience then it would be wasted effort. For example, if your website is about “golf” and there is nothing relating to golf or golfers on the network, it would just not be worth registering your site on such a network. Do your research; get to know your audience so that you can customise your campaigns to meet their needs.

2. Quality Of Product

There are loads of affiliate networks and programs online that don’t care much about product quality or integrity. Such networks usually don’t last or end up with a bad reputation.

3. Reliable Payment System

There are networks that will pay out weekly and others will pay out monthly, depending on the network. A range of payments routes are offered for example PayPal, Payoneer or bank transfer, this all depends on where in the world your location is and the type of payment available to you.  This information should be clear when joining the network.

4. Is Your Country in the “Accepted List”?

There are some countries that cannot take part in certain affiliate programs or networks as they just haven’t got the network agreements in place in those countries.  It is important to check this, as if you are not on the listed “countries” when joining a program, you will not be able to take part in that affiliate program or network. This has to be considered before you join any program. I am certain though that it won’t be long until the whole world will be able to participate in all networks globally yet in the meantime it is worth checking that you are in a “listed country”.

5. Should there be a Cost to Join?

Is there a joining fee to the affiliate program or network? No, there should be absolutely no fee to join and if there is, it should be a small refundable fee to check the validity of your account like when you validate your bank account with PayPal used for Identity verification. Most affiliate programs and networks have no joining fees connected with them.

Once you have created 7-12 high quality, relevant content and you are attracting a reasonable amount of traffic, you can start monetising your website by placing promotional links and affiliate advertising on your site.  Affiliate networks have an application process where they verify the suitability of your site before approval, so it is important that you have adequate high-quality relevant content.

Now Let us Look at Some of the Affiliate Networks you can Join:


Affiliate NetworksAWIN

Awin launched on 6 March 2017, unifying the much older subsidiaries of Axel Springer SE,  namely, Zanox and Affiliate Window networks under one brand.

Consisting of more than 100,000 contributing publishers and 13,000 advertisers; Awin has over 1000 employees in 15 offices worldwide.  Awin operates across the retail, telecommunication, travel and finance verticals, working with partners including ASOS, O2, ESI Media, Business Insider, HP, 1&1, Marks & Spencer and more…  Awin has around 13,000 brands across 77 sectors worldwide.

They provide a simple, user-friendly dashboard, as well as a plethora of useful tools that can definitely help boost your affiliate marketing campaigns. See Wikipedia Entry here

Niche Information

AWIN is a very comprehensive affiliate network and works in all verticals, with more orientation towards finance, retail, telecommunication and travel.

Product Types

AWIN works with both digital and physical products, including from some very big-name merchants. See a list of some of the Advertiser projects you can work with: Monbento, Birkenstock, Arsenal Direct, HRS, Jogging Point, Hotel Info, RaceChip, Spectrum Travel Insurance etc…

[Disclaimer] Please note that I am only able to view programs and information on Awin that pertains to my Geographic region which the UK.

Commission Rate:

The commission varies depending on the campaign; you will be able to see the commission rates of each campaign once you have joined AWIN.

Cookie Duration

Cookie duration is set by the advertiser.


Who Is AWIN for?

AWIN has many awesome tools like the Opportunity Marketplace established in 2015, where affiliates can voice their offerings directly to advertisers who are looking for unique offerings that may not be available in the mainstream. Google Chrome has a MyAwin extension and a WP Awin plugin which is very useful.  A win is definitely for you if you are a publisher who can get going with little or no guidance or coaching from the network.  There is a registration charge when you set up your Awin account which you get back with your commissions payment.  Here in the UK this fee is £5.00 and I believe it is a fiver in all currencies, so if you are in the US it is $5, if you are in the EU it is €5.

So what are Awin's Pros and Cons?


  • You are paid your approved and cleared balances twice a month ($20 minimum).
  • The rigorous vetting process for Publishers and Advertisers.
  • User-friendly dashboard with lots of useful plug-ins available.
  • Real-time reports on your dashboard.
  • Expert Support Teams in all office locations.


  • A sign-up fee of £5, $5 or €5 in advance depending on your location.
  • There is nowhere on Awin's website that states that you will get this money back if you are not approved.



Affiliate NetworksShareASale

ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate networks out of Chicago that has been running since 2000 and became a part of Awin since 2017.  ShareASale hosts over 3,900 Affiliate Programs spanning 40 different categories.  There is a variety of ways to earn commission on this platform such as:

  • Earnings per Sale
  • Pay per Click
  • Commission on a Lead

The Merchants each have their own set commission scale, which you see as soon as you are on the platform.

Niche Information

ShareASale is a very comprehensive affiliate network and works in all verticals.

Product Types Affiliate Networks


Services, digital and physical products can all be found on the ShareASale platform, this includes merchants such as Animoto, Thinkific, Studiopress, Grasshopper, Checks Unlimited, Customlink, Trunk Club, Jane, Dawg, Teepublic, Entirely Pets, Brit+Co, VM Innovations, Build Direct, Gazelle, Madison Reed, Clearly Filtered, Only Natural Pet, HOSS, and many more…

Average Commission Rate:

The commission varies depending on the campaign; you will be able to see the commission rate of each campaign once you have joined ShareASale.

Cookie Duration

Cookie duration varies with each Merchant.

Who Is ShareASale for?

ShareASale is great for new Affiliates because they offer Affiliate Services which enables you to reach out to their Affiliate Development Team for help to develop your skills as an Affiliate Marketer, They can help you choose the best-suited Merchants for you to promote.  Their System is easy and user-friendly, there are tools like their Deep Linking tool and over 2000 merchant Data feeds that keep information up to date. They supply tools like banners and promotional videos to add to your content.

So what are ShareASale Pros and Cons?


  • You are paid your Commissions on the 20th of Each Month
  • They have an Extensive list of Merchants covering every Niche.
  • Real-time automated reporting, allowing you to see your commissions.
  • Custom Link creation with Social Media features.
  • Responsive Support Team 9 am – 6 pm CST.
  • Free to join
  • They have Affiliate Services where you can get guidance especially if you are new to affiliate marketing and need assistance in making your choices from the huge selection of Merchants


  • Commission payment minimum is set at $50
  • No Notifications when merchant campaigns become discontinued



Affiliate NetworksCJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is said to be the largest Affiliate network headquartered in Santa Barbara, California and owned by Alliance Data.  CJ Affiliate has been running since 1998.  There is such a wide range of advertisers on the CJ Affiliate platform it makes it very easy to compare the various offers.  The whole process is simple and straightforward and you can start promoting within a few hours once you are approved. The system comes with a fully scalable, customisable customer centric touch with a cookie-less tracking feature across multiple devices.

Niche Information

CJ Affiliate is a vast and very comprehensive affiliate network that covers all verticals.

Product Types

Services, digital and physical products can all be found on the CJ Affiliate platform, this includes merchants such as IHG, 24Hour Fitness, J Crew, Office Depot, Priceline, GoPro, Lowe’s, Overstock, and many more…

Top Affiliate Networks in 2019 1

Average Commission Rate:

The commission varies depending on the campaign; you will be able to see the commission rate of each campaign once you are inside CJ.

Cookie Duration

Cookie duration varies with each Merchant.

Who Is CJ Affiliate for?

CJ Affiliate is for anyone who wants to earn money as an Affiliate online, you will get everything you need to offer your clients but they don’t offer affiliate training, you would need to find a good reputable affiliate marketing training platform first before you attempt joining CJ Affiliate.  My Top Affiliate Training Recommendation

So what is CJ Affiliate Pros and Cons?


  • You are paid your Commissions on the 20th of Each Month in arrears
  • They have an Extensive list of Advertisers covering every Niche.
  • Link tracking software allows you to track all links and calls
  • Dedicated Support Centre.
  • Free and easy to join



  • Commission payment minimum is set at $100
  •  Advertisers often delay payment so your commission payments could be affected from time to time.
  •  You have to be vigilant not to violate the TOS as it could lead to an account investigation and a ban or deactivation.
  • Powerful yet complex Reporting system and Dashboard

SIGN UP TO CJ Affiliate


Top Affiliate Networks in 2019 2FlexOffers

FlexOffers is a gigantic platform for affiliate marketers founded in 2008 in Miami Florida. You will find on this platform over 12,000 advertisers ranging from Fortune 500 Firms down to small businesses. FlexOffers is a platform that connects small, medium and large brand advertisers with content creators and all types of publishers.  The programs on the FlexOffers platform are organised into main categories with subcategories which allows ease of selection for the affiliate marketer.

Niche Information

FlexOffers is a very comprehensive affiliate network that covers all levels ranging from Fortune 500 companies down to small businesses.

Product Types

If you are looking for services, digital and physical products all can be found on the FlexOffers platform, some of the brand names are Magic Cabin, Happy Socks, Nike, Macy’s, Marriott, Homesuite, sketchers, IHG, Dental Plans, Bloomingdales Priceline, Gamestop Lenovo, Barnes & Nobles etc…

Average Commission Rate

The commission varies depending on the campaign; you will be able to see the commission rate of each campaign once you have joined FlexOffers.

Cookie Duration

Cookie duration varies with each Advertiser.

Affiliate Networks

Who Is FlexOffers for?

FlexOffers is for anyone who wants to make some serious money as an affiliate marketer.  With great tools like their PublisherPro 2.0 that helps you easily locate the latest products and run your promotions. You have access to Professional support during office hours. Datafeeds, customised links, news updates and of course the FlexRev Share.

So what are FlexOffers' Pros and Cons?

  • You are paid your Commissions monthly – 60 days in arrears
  • There is an exhaustive list of Merchants covering every Niche.
  • Hourly reporting on your campaigns with critical stats on various verticals.
  • Custom Links
  • Experienced Professional Support Team during office hours.
  • Free and easy to join
  • Commission payments are processed 60 days later
  • PayPal is the only payment option for Affiliates outside the US

SIGN UP TO FlexOffers


Of Course, there are hundreds if not thousands of Affiliate networks out there this is just a short introduction to the top 4 in 2019, a google search will bring up a huge list of them.  Most companies and businesses have their own affiliate programs nowadays and you could possibly earn a whole lot more if you go direct as an affiliate for a brand as there are no middleman fees and you still get paid faster than some of the Affiliate Networks.

In the meantime Please comment below, let me know your thoughts requests and feedback and if you want to have the tools and training to do what I am doing sign up for free below:

My Top Affiliate Training Recommendation

Top Affiliate Networks in 2019
Top Affiliate Networks in 2019 3

I am sharing with you the top 4 Affiliate Networks in 2019, as I have mentioned that Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways to make money and earn Financial Freedom online in my post How To Create Financial Freedom Online as An Affiliate Marketer.  Now I will expand on the topic of Affiliate Marketing and I will list some of the Affiliate networks you can join as an Affiliate.

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  1. I love affiliate marketing! It beats having to store your own products in a warehouse somewhere and pay a bunch of people to run your operation. I’d rather help someone else sell their products and get a commission for doing so. The best part of this whole thing is that the bigger you can grow your reach, the more successful you stand to become. I like this list of affiliate networks, by the way! There’s a lot in here that I can use. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hi Mark, Affiliate Marketing is definitely the best occupation. I’m glad you find my post useful.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Awesome post! Thank you for recommending so many affiliate networks to join. I am really interested in affiliate marketing recently because I saw the potential of this industry. I found your blog very informative and beneficial for someone like me who is just starting out. I will be sure to check these affiliate networks and also I look forward to more recommendations from you. Keep up the good work!

  3. I have been wondering which Affiliate Programs to join and see so many companies that do not feel honest so thank you for sharing the information you have here in this post.

    I am also going to click your recommendation as you seem to know what you are talking about and I need to join something honest that will help me make some good money along the way as I continue to grow

    Your honesty is appealing and I feel ok to see what you are offering so thank you

    • Hi Vicki, thanks for stopping by.  I am glad to have been of service.

      I wish you the very best in your online venture!

      Thank you.

  4. You have provided excellent information and introduced me to some affiliate networks that I was not aware of. I appreciate all of the detailed information that I can use to determine which networks are appropriate. 

    I’m just getting started and only have a few pages published on my website. Do you have any recommendations about how many pages or monthly visitors I need to have before I request os join? 

    Thanks again. Your information is brilliant!

    • Hi Austin, I’m glad you find this post helpful.  I would say as soon as you have about 7 -10 pieces of good quality content on your website you can start promoting it and getting your affiliate links with the Affiliate Networks, most of them will scan your site content as part of the vetting process.  I wish you the very best in building your website.

      Thanks again for your comment.

  5. There are many affiliate marketing platforms out there but not all of them are as reliable as the first 3 you show here. I can’t comment on Flexoffers as I am yet to sign up with them but as an affiliate marketer myself I am already signed up to Awin, Shareasale and CJ Affiliate and I am yet to get any problems with them. It’s sometimes hard being signed up to different Networks and what companies you are promoting on each but I highly recommend keeping a record of everything and stored on your computer just so you know where to look for certain products.

    There are a couple of Affiliate Networks that I would suggest you put on this list which I have had great success with and have earned quite a bit of commission from such as Paidonresults, Maxbounty and Clickbank to name a few.

    I am certainly going to take a look at Flexoffers to see if it fits in with any of my websites so thanks very much for that and I’ll keep dropping by to see if you have added any other Networks that I haven’t already joined

    Keep up the great work 🙂

    • Hi Matthew, thanks for your comment.  I am glad you were not put off by Awin’s fiver joining fee as some people would be.  It’s refreshing when you hear the success stories of Affiliates who are happily in partnership with these Networks.  The Canadian Maxbounty is on my list to do, so is Cickbank and many others – I guess I started with those who have the largest number of advertisers or merchants and verticals on their database.  I wasn’t aware of Paidonresults, I shall do my research on them now.  FlexOffers is great as you get to share the revenue of those you recommend the platform to as well.  

      Thanks again Matthew, see you soon!  

  6. Thank you, Kimberleigh, for sharing the information about top affiliate networks in 2019. I’m just trying to search for the best affiliate programs to join to and found the criteria you listed in the post very helpful. Frankly speaking, it’s the first time when I hear about those affiliate networks. Are they the same as the Amazon affiliate program or something different? And why I couldn’t see Amazon in any of those top networks.
    I noticed the post is protected from copy-pasting. You should keep in mind that it makes difficult commenting of your posts, as many readers prepare their comments in other text editing programs and paste the ready text into your comment field.

    Have a great day


    • Hi Makhsud, thanks or your comment.  Please note that I wrote at the bottom of my post that I will be continuing this list as there are many other Affiliate Networks out there, they just aren’t at the top of my list, I will be covering Amazon at some point down the line.  Amazon is not really that great as their commission scale is very minimal. Yes, my work is copy protected, however you should still be able to write in any of your text editing programs and paste into the comment box.   Thank you.

  7. Hi, Kimberleigh. I found your top affiliate networks review helpful. I have never heard of Awin or FlexOffers affiliate program and find it odd that someone would have to pay to join and earn money. I know you said that they refund the money, but it not in writing.
    I’m going to have to start reading the TOC in full, to make sure I’m not risking my account or earned commissions. Thank you for bringing that and the accepted country list to our attention. I never thought about countries not being able to be part of any affiliate network.
    I am looking for high ticket affiliate network to try and diversify my affiliate website. Have you had experience working with affiliate networks that pay unusually high commissions per sales?

    • Hi LeNard, I;m glad my post was useful.  It is very odd that Awin has to charge for affiliates to join.  FlexOffer is definitely cool because of the FlexRev Share, ShareASale is a part of Awin but they don’t charge a fee to join.  It is worth looking at your website content and then determining which platform is best suited.  I agree with you about high ticket items as we all know companies like Amazon require a lot of sales to make it worth your while unless you are into their high price items like cameras, drones etc… 

  8. Knowing about these Affiliate Programs as you have describes gives me insider information that I would otherwise not have had and would have to do the research myself.  I am pleased to have found your information on each of these and can now make an informed decision about which Affiliate Program would suit my needs and niche website.
    Affiliate Marketing is definitely an amazing way to make money online and there are so many avenues to chose.  Chosing one of these Affiliate Programs will help streamline that process.
    Thank you for taking the time to compile this review.

  9. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for information about the best affiliate networks and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great resource for everyone.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)



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